I went to art school to become an illustrator. Storyboarding found me.

Tom Price is a freelance storyboard artist and concept artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. He has been an art director, creative director, producer, director, writer, set designer/builder, and educator. He has collaborated successfully with numerous clients on hundreds of projects including animated TV shows, feature-length and short films, video game cinematics, corporate videos, TV commercials and live events.

Call Tom directly at 206.937.3151 or get in touch with him using the Contact page to discuss rates and availability.


Matt Skerritt, Creative Director - Lenz/Skerritt Films

Tom is fabulous. He's produced storyboards for pitches, animatics and live-action production for some of our most demanding and high-profile. He thinks like a filmmaker, and is exceptionally good at hearing what you're asking for and nailing it. He can follow very prescriptive guidance when needed, and can free-ball creatively with the best of them. He's also a really pleasant human being! He's our first call on every project that requires boards... in fact, now that I think of it, I'm kind of thinking I shouldn't write this recommendation - lest it means even more people call him and make him harder for us to book! Damn! [Delete... delete.... delete....!!!]

Kirk DeGrasse, Cinematics Lead - WB Games

Tom does outstanding work - his storyboards are easy to read and drawn with great life and character. He very quickly absorbed the script we gave him and was in tune with the style we were looking for. Submissions were done well within our schedule and the rare cases of revisions were turned around rapidly. And to top it off, he's very personable and easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again on future projects and highly recommend him.

Ken Pontac, Writer

Tom is the best board artist I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with plenty. No matter what the project, Tom ‘gets’ it right away. His draftsmanship is tight and on-model, his screen direction and staging are impeccable, and he plusses his panels with surprising and original gags. I never have to ask Tom to take an action or expression farther; he understands the potential of the animated medium and pushes its limits.

Ross Fenter, Executive Producer/Founder - Foul Weather Films

I've had the pleasure of working with Tom over the past 15 years, what an amazing talent! Tom has a genuine understanding of the creative process, whether it's for a national broadcast spot and we're under the gun or an ever-evolving branding campaign with a complicated storyline, he always comes through. Tom is a great collaborator, extremely professional and just a great guy to work with on any creative project you may have.

Tony Fulgham, Writer/Director

Tom is the most rock solid story board artist I've ever worked with. He not only gets my vision but he always brings great ideas that make my stories better. The guy just gets it.

Ron Perry, Cinematics Producer

When defining the daunting tasks a team faces conceptualizing game cinematics, Tom Price's storyboards are invaluable. Tom's experience streamlines production to clearly define the vision and feel of the team’s demands. Always respectful to the intention of the script, Tom provides a wealth of staging and narrative strategies for working out animatic sequences on paper. Instead of boring back and forth over-the-shoulder dialog shots, Tom gracefully storyboards brilliant composition of staging, editing, rhythm, and transitions into game play. While discovery time is limited in production, Tom is a resource for alternative solutions on the fly, in line with the style, and without affecting the schedule. He's clear, practical, and precise, has never missed a deadline, and is a pleasure to work with. Before your cinematic team wastes any time, energy, and money, add Tom's talent to your arsenal—you can't afford not to!

John Irick, Producer

I worked with Tom while producing Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action! for the Xbox 360. We needed someone to help us conceptualize and storyboard cutscenes, as well as create the base design for many of the puzzle beds within the game. Tom was under tremendous deadlines and never failed to deliver on time. Tom is not only a great storyboard artist, he is innovative and has a great conceptual mind. Finally, Tom has years of experience and has a great deal of integrity. Tom would be my first choice for a Storyboard Artist on future projects.

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